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IELTS Cue card question : Best Tips in 10 Minutes

In your IELTS speaking test, you’ll talk to a trained inspector.

And the complete discussion would be isolated into three primary parts:

  1. Introduction & Common discourse
  2. IELTS Cue Card Question
  3. Details discussion

We’ll closely examine the 2nd portion of the talking exam i.e. Signal card. After the presentation portion, the analyst would inquire you to choose a cue card and talk about the subject. Taking after may be a test Prompt Card question:

Describe an important letter that you received.

You should say:

  • who wrote it to you
  • what the letter was about
  • how you felt about the letter

And explain:

  • why it was important to you.

Note that a theme given and 4 questions take after it. To begin with three questions are particular (for the most part “wh” questions) questions and the final one anticipates you to grant points of interest or reasons.

You’ll be given 1 minute to see at the signal card and to rationally plan to conversation around it. This one minute is pivotal as you’ve got to set up your intellect amid this time outline and after that conversation almost it. the examiner would provide a pencil and papers to let you take a few notes on the subject. You’re unequivocally prompted to require brief notes and arrange your answer.

Unless you think legitimately and take a few notes in this 1 minute almost your point, you won’t be able to proceed your talking legitimately. You may ought to conversation for around 2-3 minutes.

Keep talking around the subject and cover all the question given with the subject. Your familiarity, lexicon and talking aptitudes are watched and recorded. In the event that you give to numerous pauses and mutter whereas talking, you’re likely to induce a poor band score. Be sure that, don’t attempt to imitate any emphasize. Conversation normally and the tone you’re comfortable at.

After you choose your signal card, see at the subject closely. If you’re fortunate, you may get a really familiar topic like: “Describe one of your family members”. You know your family individuals and all you wish to do is choose one of them and after that see at the 4 questions given underneath the subject. Think or type in the answers to these questions, and begin talking almost the subject centering on the questions.

IELTS Cue card question : Speaking Test
IELTS Cue card question : Speaking Test

On the opposite, in the event that you’re given with a theme you’re not exceptionally commonplace but can figure, take 20 seconds to arrange your answers. For illustration, on the off chance that you’re inquired to conversation almost a movie that was made based on genuine occasion, you’ll ought to do a speedy brainstorm to think approximately a motion picture that you just know was made based on a genuine occasion. See at the questions underneath and compose down watchwords (brief answers) of these questions.

In extraordinary cases, you might experience a subject that needs you to utilize your creative energy. For occurrence, on the off chance that you’re inquired to conversation around a city you need to visit in near future, you’d instantly think around a city that you just would like to conversation approximately. For this, don’t choose a city you know nothing about. Rather pick a city merely know almost and say that typically the city you have got arranged to visit within the future.

IELTS Cue Card Question Example

Take the following cue card as an case and get thoughts on how to plan within the assigned time (1 minute) for the signal card.

A speech that somebody delivered and you heard.

You should say:

  • who gave the speech
  • what the topic was
  • when you heard it

and explain why you liked/disliked the speech.

In 40 seconds take the note (ideally in composed shape on a paper) around the things you’re aiming to conversation about:

The collaborator teacher of our school scout team.

Name: Mathew Roger.
Occasion: On his farewell.
Topic: The importance of moral life + Values of life+ importance of honesty + family value + our responsibility to the mother nature and country.
When: About 3 years ago; on occasion of your farewell.
I liked it: I was touched by the topics, the way of presenting the topics, his great personality and knowledge + …

The reason it touched me: An attractive way of speaking + moral and important issues + I was young and I liked him + great tone and touchy presentation…

Taking those few notes would assist you proceed your discourse without interruption. While talking you have got sufficient points to conversation approximately. In the event that you have got any perplexity, don’t falter to inquire the analyst. You may not make any negative impression for inquiring questions.

More often than not, the third portion of the talking test is the nitty gritty discourse on the prompt card theme. So you’ll anticipate a few more point by point and complex question in this area after you’re done with the signal card part.

Nearly each cue card question (too known as candidate assignment card) inquires you to tell almost yourself (somebody you know, something you did, something you like/dislike, something from your past, something you arrange to do within the future, your individual choices and so on. Usually why it may be a extraordinary thought to get ready to reply those questions some time recently you take the test. You’ll pick a journal and compose those topics and after that include many points on each topic.

This will spare you from tearing your hairs amid the test once you cannot choose a city you have got been to. Having a incredible IELTS score would open numerous entryways of openings but for simply, have to be work difficult. Cue card question is all about to choose the journal and a pencil nowadays to list down stuff almost yourself and consider it a shrewd speculation. Best of good fortune everyone.

So, IELTS Speaking is all about your presentation and your personality or the behavior. These are the tips and tricks that can help you in cue card question for the IELTS speaking test.

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