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How to Re-open closed account in bank? Useful Tips

Often people have two or more bank accounts, due to which some accounts are also such, in which transactions have not been done for a long time. Due to non-transaction, these accounts are considered as closed account, and you can neither deposit nor withdraw any amount from the account when the account is closed / inactive. With this, you cannot even withdraw money in that account, because such an account becomes completely inactive.

In such a situation, if you want to start a transaction in your account again, then get your account opened again or reopened. Here you are being given information about how to make a closed account open in the bank.

When does the bank account close

If a person has not done any financial transaction in his bank account for 1 year, then his account is put in the category of dormant account. In inactive account you have to activate it again to start the transaction. Apart from this, if you have not done transactions with your account continuously for 2 years, then your bank account is put in the category of doormat account.

In banking language it is called dormant account, and in colloquial language it is called closed account. This rule is applicable for both savings and current accounts. This type of account cannot be opened by transacting.

When is a bank account dormant or closed

An account is deactivated or closed by the bank in that situation, in which no transaction has taken place for a long time. Because such account can be used for fraud. To eliminate such apprehensions, the bank account which is not used for a long time is deactivated by the bank. Along with this, the bank instructs its employees to be more careful in case of new transactions in any such account.

How to restart bank account

There are two ways you can follow to restart your bank account, which is as follows:-

By making a new transaction in the bank account :-

You can use any one of these methods to make a new transaction in your account.

  • By depositing or withdrawing money in your account by going directly to the bank.
  • Withdraw or deposit money from your account through cheque.
  • Withdraw or deposit money from ATM machine.
  • By transacting through Mobile Banking or Internet Banking.
  • Any payment by EFT or ECS.

If you do not do any kind of transaction, then you can also restart your account by sending a request to the bank. In this you can adopt the following methods, which are as follows:-

  • You can go to the bank branch and give the application form to get your account opened again.
  • All major banks issue customer care numbers for their customers. By contacting this customer care number, you can get your account reopened.
  • You login to Internet Banking with your username and password. Here you can activate your account by going to the Service Request section and using the option of Account Activate.
How to Re-open closed account in bank?
How to Re-open closed account in bank?

How to open closed account in bank

If your bank account has been kept in the category of Dormant Account, if it has been closed, then you cannot activate it by doing any kind of transaction. Because neither can deposit money in closed account, nor can withdraw money. To get this type of account activated again, you have to go to the bank, and give a written application to the bank. Apart from this, you also have to submit all the KYC documents afresh. Here you will be told how to write an application to open a closed account.

KYC document for opening closed bank account

For Identity Proof

Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Ration Card, Driving License any one of the documents.

For Address Proof

Aadhar Card, Driving License, Ration Card, Bank Passbook, Passport, Electricity Bill / Water Bill / Landline Bill / Gas Bill, Water Bill, Landline Bill etc. Photocopies can be submitted.

How to write an application to activate a closed bank account


Mr. Branch Manager Officer,
Enter the name of your branch here.
Here enter the address of the branch.

Subject Application form for opening closed account.


It is kindly requested that I (write your name) and my account number is (write your account number). I am the account holder of your bank, and am getting the benefit of your bank’s services since many years. But due to non-transaction in the account for a long time, my account has been deactivated.

So you are requested to please activate my account so that I will be able to transact with my bank account, and I can get a chance to get the benefit of the services of the bank again, in this your great grace will be.

Thank you.

Date – Here write the date on which you are going to submit the letter.
Name – Enter your name
Account Number – Enter your account number.
Signature – Put your signature / thumb.
Address – Write your address here.

After this, you have to carry the copy of the account passbook and KYC documents (it should have your signature) along with the application form. Attach the document with the letter and submit it to the bank.

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